Integrate IP Address Append to Improve Personalized Marketing

Marketing has transformed into being personal, to the point and delivering value to a customer who wants it all. There are various ways in which you can deliver this value.

Digital marketing needs you to be very clear about who your target audience is, what they need and how you create the value proposition and deliver it to them at the right time via the right medium.

With the increase in the ways in which you can contact a prospect, it has also become important to know more about them. One of the most successful ways marketers today are improving their reach and efficiency is by IP address appending.  There is a great deal of information that you can extract from an IP address.

IP Address Append In Email Marketing

In email marketing, the more you know about your customer- the better. To get to know more about them, you need to have the right data points that give you genuine information. To improve your chances of getting a conversion, you need to be aware of the benefits of IP appending. Before we get to the benefits, here is a list of what you get if you have an IP address.

What can be appended if you have an IP address?

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Email address
  4. Postal address
  5. Company

From these data sets, you can extract a lot more by appending them. Hence, IP address append can be a fantastic start to your data improvement process. If you have an email address, it is possible to append IP from it and take the process ahead.

Email address Last value of IP address Country name in string Country code
Region Latitude Longitude ZIP
ISP Name Network Speed Time Zone Domain Name

This is a lot of information that can be used extremely well by email marketers. There are various tools available for the purpose of appending this information. It adds a lot of valuable data to your database that you can use to create pitches and ads that are hyper targeted.  Understanding this subject will give you a superior stand while comparing a wide spectrum of email append APIs.

Here Are The Benefits Of IP Address Append

  1. Accurate Mixed Marketing Models– The data that you extract from IPs can give you insights into various habits of users such as what they are looking for, what time they are online, their purchase habits which in turn will give you inputs that can be used to improve mixed marketing strategies.

  2. Improves Time to Market– You have a whole bunch of information that can be used to increase your speed of reaching prospects. Speed is essential to marketing excellence today.

  3. Improve Funnel Based Marketing– You have strategic information about prospects that can be inserted into your funnel marketing campaigns at the right time.

  4. Localized Content– When you know more about where your prospects are from, you can include local content that contents with them better.

  5. Timing– Timing is crucial in marketing. If you have email marketing campaigns running, with the information about when they use their internet, you can send out emails at the right time. This can be used for ads too.

  6. Based on Internet Speeds– Not all regions have great connectivity. Improve your chances of gaining attention by creating custom content for low and high-speed connections.

  7. Target Specific Geographies– if you are looking to connect with prospects from a certain region, you can do that by collecting IP addresses from that particular location and then appending it to derive better data.

  8. Testing– If you are testing a certain product/service that is specific to a certain area, IP-based marketing is your best option.

  9. Connect Faster– send content faster and easier by connecting with a server that is nearest your target audience.

How To Segment With IP-Based Appending?   

Database segmentation is important for good marketing today. One of the best guiding parameters can be IP-based segmentation for you. You can have various segments created based on the location, usability, type of customer and many more attributes to create segments.

You can create tailor made content for these segments, thus enhancing the chances of a lead being generated. Custom campaigns are the best way to narrow down your prospect list.

With IP appending, you can improve knowledge about these prospects and engage them with content and ads that work for them. You can work on the language, content, regional aspects and much more when you segment based on IP.

IP Targeting Segments

Hyper-targeting is the new trend among digital marketers. If you are looking to target a specific company, area, building, street or city, IP appending is the best possible bet. You can drill down the details to the lowest possible solution and then send out hyper-targeted campaigns to these segments.  

For example, if you have a supermarket in a certain block of the city and want to target prospects within that area, getting IP addresses of all the residents of that particular location will be the first step.

Then append it to extract various types of information about them. Segment them based on your criteria such as age group, revenue, marital status, income and much more. You can send specialized ads and emails to these segments easily.  IP-based appending also helps in data enrichment process as it helps to obtain demographic data append easier.

Another example can be those moving houses. Append all the IPs that have listed their homes for sale or are moving. If you are mortgage provider, you can send them deals for new homes, if you are moving company, you can get business from them when they need a moving service. The list of beneficiaries can go on.

IP addresses do not need cookies to be tracked; this is because they do not contain personal information about the users. This makes is a lot easier to collect the required information, the segment is after appending and use it for marketing purposes. 

Business IP Targeting Can Be Maximised

If you are looking to target specific businesses and want to market to them, there are many things that can be appended from IP information

  1. SIC code
  2. Company name
  3. Sister concerns
  4. Region
  5. Size
  6. Revenue
  7. Industry
  8. Employee size
  9. NAICS code
  10. Owners
  11. Domain

You can send out specific campaigns to decision makers directly without wasting time trying to gain entry into their domains. This can be used well when it is clubbed with ABM, thus making it more effective and improving response rates.  This also helps us in choosing the right e-mail appending companies for our business.

Hyper-Personalized Marketing through IP Targeting

Tying it with IP targeting takes it to the next level. Hyper-personalized marketing is all about finding that one prospect at a time and targeting them with highly specific content that engages them. 

To improve your chances of finding this particular prospect, you can make use of the information that IP addresses can provide you.

Firstly, you need to know where exactly your target prospect is. Lead targeting can be done via social media, display advertising, mobile, video and much more. Create the persona of your ideal prospect and as per the points describing them, funnel down your search area. Once you have a broad idea of whom and where they are, you can collect IP-based data about them.

Personalized Marketing

Geo-targeting and IP targeting aren’t the same. Geo-targeting clusters a group of IP addresses within a certain geographic area without getting specific. IP targeting matches and assigns IP addresses to certain streets and neighborhoods and goes all the way to specific households.       

It decreases wastage of ad spends dramatically. This is because you have maximized your options of reaching the right prospect and the chances of a response are higher. IP targeting allows you to use demographics, age, and gender too to improve targeting.

You can use IP targeting if you are attending a conference. Collect details of attendees and target them about meeting you when you actually attend the conference.  Understanding IP targeting in detail will help you make the buying decisions regarding email append pricing and packages.

IP Targeting Should Be Done With Ample Research

ISPs may use various ways to handle their traffic. One of the many ways is dynamic web addresses and proxy servers. This makes a bit harder to extract geographical location data about IPs. If a major ISP uses proxy servers, then it is better to remove them from your database as it brings down accuracy.

Adding company details can get a bit tricky here. You may know that a user works at Apple and has a particular IP address. That does not mean that they are based out of a specific location such as New York.

If you are sending him an invite to attend a trade show in NY and he is based out of Chicago, then it’s wrong targeting. Hence, IP targeting can get a bit mixed up due to the sheer size, volume, and reach of the internet.  

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