The Future of Social Media- Trend Spotting 2017

The internet has given us many things. From funny baby videos, to incredible scientific discoveries, we can access an ungodly amount of information, fast and easily. The connected future of social media is here to stay. One of these impressive creations that about 2.3 billion people use around the world is social media. These platforms have transformed the way we work, play and do many things. It has affected world politics, it has created celebrities, made us laugh and cry and has done a lot for humans than any other tool we can think of. Its field of influence is massive. They get talked about all the time, be it your dinner party or a high level government meeting. They have considerable clout when it comes to opinion making and this is because we generally tend to trust what our peers say.

Social media and the future

With Facebook leading the charge, today, almost everyone we know has a social media account. Used or not is an entirely different question for later, but these accounts are the ones driving in revenue and creating the future for us. It has its scary side too. After all, we are humans and no one really knows everything. The trust part of social media is for another day. With the fake news controversy hitting Facebook after the American Presidential elections, we should know how to use these platforms effectively. It is up to us to understand just how powerful it can be, who can read what you say and what you say to others in general. Always remember- once it’s on the internet, it stays forever.


Brands have been utilizing social media effectively for years now. Everyone has a social media presence and is trying to make you a fan with witty content and impressive listening skills. The accountability of brands has increased tremendously over the years because social media puts you under the spotlight for everyone to see. There is no escaping the wrath of the customer who has been wronged. Mob mentality is a real thing and brands have suffered greatly due to this.

Innovation is the key to survive in the digital age and so it’s true with social media. It takes a lot of effort to get a social media presence with all the competition surrounding you. Over the years, the major social media platforms have brought in many changes to their sites which have enabled users to interact better and for brands to reach their target audience faster and effectively. These changes become trends and are adopted and become the normal soon. Let’s take a look ahead and see what social media has in store for us in the years to come, especially 2017.

 Live Video

This has been the biggest trend of this year and we see it going even bigger next year. The huge popularity of live video can be seen with the way celebrities have been using it effectively. Social media has created many celebrities and they are the ones driving the live video phenomenon. It was initially launched by Facebook and now many other platforms are planning to launch it. Snapchat, the ever popular social app for the young is the latest to jump onto live video.

Brands are also using live video effectively. Some of the most popular uses of live video are during an event. Brands are streaming their events live on social platforms allowing their users to connect with them, even if they aren’t physically present. This was a rather insurmountable obstacle before the advent of live video. Some other ways in which brands are using live video are for product launches, interviews and Q&A sessions. They bring in celebrities or SMEs and take questions for their patrons. This is a genius concept and has helped many brands see favor among their fans.


It is important to note that personalization is not endemic to email marketing. It pilfers over to advertising, branding and social media. Social media platforms have been pivotal in providing brands with aids to assist in personalization. The amount of information that is collected from social media platforms is astronomical. This can be used to target specific types of users- music to the ad manager’s ears. As usual, Facebook has been the pioneer in this regard. Their ad strategies are absolutely brilliant.

Highly targeted ads are bringing in massive revenues for most social media platforms. Brands have found ingenious ways to influence and persuade. One major update that Facebook did to its suggested posts is the use of what your friends have liked. This suggestion is placed along with a good or viral post of that particular brand. This has proved extremely profitable for many brands.


image-2There are still a ton of brands that do no utilize the benefits of automation, though it is getting there. We believe 2017 will be the year it goes mainstream. There are multiple benefits of automation and today, most marketing managers are will to pay to use these systems. The reason is simple; the amount of time and money you lose by not using it is extremely high, compared to what you pay to use them.

Automation allows you time and resources to concentrate on creating campaigns and not just on running them. This is the best way to get out there and have your prospects notice you.

Chat bots and AI

It was only natural for AI to be used in social media. Today, many aspects of social media are run by AI. Chat bots have taken up most of the jobs that were previously done by humans. They are still in the preliminary stages with many going rouge, for example the bot used by Microsoft went rather racist after some time.

AI has been used in social media for some time now. For example, LinkedIn uses it to find better job matches based on the candidates choices. Imagine doing these using human resources. Yeah, it’s not possible. Predictive algorithms are the hottest trend in tech today and they are being tested on social media. 2017 will be the year it takes on the new role and we will see its results in real time, on our newsfeed.

These are the most significant trends that we think will create major changes in the social media sector. The growth of these platforms has been terrific and they do not show signs of letting up. This is a major reason why there will be changes so that businesses can benefit from them.

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