Master the Art of Writing Catchy Subject Lines

There is a way to make your recipients open your emails without actually trying to sell your product in the catchy subject lines. This is one mistake mailers should never make.  You can fearlessly follow these clues to writing a brief subject line.

  • By making the subject line succinct and by not being repetitive you can encourage your recipients to open your emails.
  • Writing short and snappy subject lines is an art that needs mastering. You can learn to write concise subject lines by paying attention to newspaper headlines and cashing in on them while writing subject lines for your emails.
  • Never write subject lines that are lengthy because it turns the reader away from the email. The subject line must not comprise of more than 50 characters.
  • Whenever you make use of the sales pitch in the subject line the spam filter picks it up and sends it directly to the junk mail box.
  • Sometimes you spend hours on drafting the message for your email campaign but the recipients just delete the email without even reading it.
  • But that is not the end in itself because the solution to this problem lies in writing an irresistible subject line.

Writing subject lines that grab the readers’ attention is an art that needs to be honed by reading newspapers, magazines and books. An email subject line that tickles a reader’s curiosity is better than one which that does not hold much intrigue. Make the recipient feel like he/she has to read the email and by not reading it, he will be losing something important.

Teach them what has been taught to you.

Writing the right subject line may be a difficult task and you can do well by making it sound and feel like good questions such as “How to make this work” or the “ultimate guide to do this”. Feel free to ask your recipient some questions and find out what they find intriguing. You can also run your subject line through spam check tools.

Before rolling out your email campaign, conduct tests to see which subject lines are the most effective.

The information that you gather from recipients are a great step towards writing irresistible subject lines.

You have less than 8 seconds to capture the readers’ attention

The timespan available with a reader before he comes to the conclusion that the email is a useless one is about fifteen seconds. This is all the time that the writer has with the subject line. If you can make the subject line captivating then the reader will have no choice but to open the email. Make the subject line look attractive with a short and simple sentence of around 50 characters.

Here are some tips for constructing helpful subject lines.

  • Use meaningful keywords. Using a subject line like “feedback” where there is no indication as to what the feedback is about. A better way out would be to provide the project name, such as “FY011 budget feedback”
  • If you are using a succinct subject line make sure that the subject line conveys the information. For example: “ Arriving late (11.00) today would be a subject line giving critical information
  • Do not use hello or hi as subjects. It does not give any information to the recipient
  • After a few replies to replies and if you have veered off the topic make sure to change the subject line
  • Never leave the subject line blank. Nothing is obvious and it will discourage the reader from opening your email
  • Try not to use the customer’s name in the subject line because there is every chance of misspelling the name and if you do that, you will end up in his/her bad books.

Some of the points that researches make on subject lines are confusing.  Most researchers say that it is the best to use 45-50 characters in the subject line. Some researches do say that succinct subject lines make reading them a boring affair.

While writing subject lines, use language that counts.

Avoid using words for their own sake. Remember you communicate with your customers to get across an idea or proposition. To do this each word or sentence must carry its own weight. If you can get your idea across in a few words, do so.

An email must have a good reason for being sent; otherwise it is better not to send it. The essence of an email is a single thought or message conveyed by that email and should be stated in the first sentence or two of the email.

By containing an essence, the email makes it easy for a customer to understand the point of the email. The customer is more likely to respond if the choice is clear.

Be succinct

By following these few simple steps you will be well on your way to writing excellent subject lines. Also see to it that your subject lines are not crying hoarse about selling but should be informative and should be clear.

Spam matters

Spam is a mega issue for email marketers. Subject lines are a big part of it. Spammy subject lines are the fastest way to ensure you get a big zero for your email marketing metrics. Ensure you know what words work, what don’t and how not to sound spammy. There are numerous tools available today that give you a spam score. Check your subject lines in these tools and try to get the least possible score, without affecting the quality of the material. This isn’t an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort, but then, that is what email marketing demands.

Perfect subject lines do not exist. They are only good ones and bad ones. It depends on how well it has been written and how it captures the attention of the reader. What may have worked for one set of readers may not work for another. Trial and error is important here. Getting bad results is also a common fact. That doesn’t mean you stop trying. Be smart about it. Write what you would want to read. This is the best way to go ahead and master the art of writing catchy subject lines.

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