Email Marketing Permission- 6 Ways to Get It

If you are currently not practicing email marketing permission – then I have bad news for you. Your business model isn’t sustainable on the long run. You will face various hurdles and issues that will bring your marketing activities to a standstill more often than not and it can also cause a lot of financial losses. Today, the best in the email marketing business vouch for the benefits of permission.

Getting permission to be marketed to is the holy grail of marketing today. It has come to this because of the relentless onslaught of marketing messages. People turned away from it, stopping the flow for good. The only way to get through and capture their attention was to ask them for it, and it was more so for email marketing. Permission based marketing has a lot of benefits.

  1. It reduces the chances of getting spam trapped
  2. Increases your IP reputation and stability
  3. Reduces the chances of getting reported
  4. It improves your overall email metrics

These are golden statistics that every email marketer would love to see on his results chart. The best way to get them is to focus on permission based marketing. It isn’t easy, and hence, the results and benefits are enormous. Once you have a good and substantial list of participants who have given you explicit permission to mail them, you are set to get your revenue figures see growth.

Here are 6 things you can do to ensure that you get permission to mail and also, keep the permission.

  1. Tell them what you want, clearly – You have to give your respondents the opportunity to select their area of interest. You should not force them to take everything you have to offer. The freedom to choose is an empowering one and that is what instills confidence in them, about you. Let them know what you will be sending them, for e.g. is it notifications for sales, newsletters or product specific announcements and so on.
  2. Give them total control – Nothing makes a prospect happier than giving them the power to control what they want to see. Respect their opinion and offer them the chance to interact with you, give you inputs and specifically- their right to opt-out. This is extremely important, not just from a customer perspective, but a marketing perspective as well. The easier your opt-out process is, the higher your emails will rank and their chances of getting through go up.
  3. Give them value– This is the basic rule of email marketing. You have received their permission, now you need to give them a reason to keep reading you. Get to know what they want by means of easy to take surveys and use this information while crafting your email campaigns. Believe us; it makes a lot of difference. You can always ask your customers what they feel about your emails too.
  4. Trust– This is extremely important today. With the amount of spam and scams, people do not trust easily. Ensure you live up to your word or be prepared to face the consequences. If you promise to deliver a certain aspect or process, make certain that you do it, or else, do not make the promise. The thing with trust is, once it is broken, it doesn’t mend itself back.
  5. Listen and observe– Always ensure that your return inbox is checked periodically. You may get responses of various types. Whatever it is, a good email marketer will invest some amount of time on it. You get a whole lot of insight into the quality of your emails from the responses you get, or sometimes, the lack of it too. Keep a close tab on your metrics, results and indices. They are very important in an email marketing operation.
    It is important to keep a growth rate of a minimum of .5% per campaign. If this isn’t happening, then you have to reconsider the process and strategy.
  6. Do not misuse the list– It can come back to bite you. Permission is not transferable under any circumstances. If you wish to rent or sell the list, you need to get prior written permission from the subscribers or else, it enters the legal dimensions. Try to make sure you do not inadvertently misuse the list or use it for some other operation of yours too.

Maintaining a healthy growth rate is a rare and tough phenomenon to achieve. It requires you to pour in time and talent. Getting permission to email is an extremely important step and it takes dedication to achieve this milestone. Consistency, close monitoring of your campaigns, good copy and relevant content are essential aspects of this operation. Keep your prospects happy and they will give you permission- use it wisely.

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