Twitter Can Help With Email List Growth- 5 Ways You Can

Twitter- the micro blogging site, sparking the smartest quotes, funniest jokes, the most serious debates and the occasional celebrity argument, has surely come a long way from what it was. It has around 313 million active users as of Q2 2016. It has reached a plateau in its growth since 2014 but it still is one of the top social media sites today, and just to improve email list using Twitter. Jack Dorsey, the CEO has been instrumental in making it user friendly and easy to access, key aspects to a social platforms ability to survive and grow. Adding to the popularity are Twitter celebs or Twitterati. They have a sizeable number of people following them and their tweets get significant traction and reach. The best part is these people aren’t really celebs in the true sense of the word, just normal people who have the gift of the gab and don’t mince words.

Digital marketing and Twitter

32% of all internet users are on Twitter. 34% of marketers have successfully generated leads through Twitter. These are healthy statistics, even for social media sites. The competition is severe here and a systematic and well laid out plan is the only way you can achieve success on this fast and aggressive platform.

Here are some ways you can improve your email list using Twitter.

  1. Twitter cards

This is the most popular and currently the most effective way to improve your chances of netting email addresses. Let us explain how. Twitter cards are designed to give you a little more than a normal tweet. It has the option to include video, image, content preview and more importantly- a link to a webpage. This webpage can be a blog. You can use the Twitter card function to promote your blog and add sign up forms in your blog for email sign ups.

  1. Pinned Tweet

Twitter Marketing allows you to pin a tweet on the top of your profile page. Generally, it shows the last tweet you published. With pinned tweets, you can capture attention to whatever it is you are looking to promote. A newsletter subscription, a link to the product page or whatever it is that you choose as the end result. Most times, it is the most popular tweet that is pinned, but that is for people who aren’t on Twitter for business.

  1. Find the right frequency

There are many times where businesses have failed at Twitter because of overdoing it. Tweets are easy to share. That does not mean you can go on a sharing frenzy. Too less and you get lost in the crowd, too much and you risk annoying your followers with too much. Too ‘full of yourself’ or promotional tweets and you aren’t making any new fans. You have to find the right balance between sharing your pages, sharing pages of interest to your followers, promoting your business and interacting with everyone. This is the right way to build a good following. Such followers will be prone to giving you their email addresses too.

  1. Images pop out

Twitter has opened up the images feature on the timeline. Using images is a good way of attracting attention. The timeline is usually populated with tweets. When an image pops up, it attracts attention. Use these images well to gain subscribers to your email list.

  1. Make your Tweets and content Twitter shareable

Twitter has character limits. So, you need to make sure that the content you share needs to be Twitter shareable ready. It isn’t an easy task. What you can do is use widgets that help in sharing bits and pieces of your content that is interesting. This helps in increasing the interactive nature of your content, engaging your audience. Remember, most people trust a brand that is recommended by a friend. So, make it easy for them to be able to share your content, allowing you to increase your scope.

Twitter is not an easy beast to tame; it takes time and effort to crack through. Building your email list is also not an easy task and requires ample amounts of time. Include Twitter into your email list creation action plan and as you progress, you improve your presence on Twitter, you improve your email list and now you can target them for lead generation!

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