Ad Blockers Are Here to Stay- How you Can Tackle Them as a Business

How can websites beat Ad Blockers? Ad blockers are slowly but surely creeping up into the mainstream. It is understandable that major publications like Forbes and Business Insider have taken it up recently. The case is pretty simple. Online publications earn from the ads they display. If the ads aren’t displayed, it is lost revenue. Firstly, it is important to note why ad blockers have become popular.

Fair warning- The author uses Ad Block for work

For that we need to know why it started. The internet was riddled with innumerable ads popping up and distracting us from doing what we want to do. It was a meddling virus that kept cropping up, no matter what you did. The added issue of malware was affecting businesses and they were losing millions every year, due a simple miss-click. Sometimes, it used to get so bad that your software would crash and that is lost time and added expenditure to fix issues. Ad blockers seemed to be the perfect answer and when it launched, it was massive and millions took to it immediately.

 Now, the point here is that not all websites indulge in unscrupulous ad posting, and do not work with non-trustworthy businesses. Most times, ad blocker users don’t get into the specifics of using it. Its default setting is full block for all websites. Reputed site or not, no one is allowed. It does allow the user to choose which pages or domains should have ad blocker working on it. Users don’t change these settings.

This is causing a serious dent on revenues worldwide. There are millions of deals lost due to this.

There are two ways this can be tackled.

  1. No permission to view pages if ad blocker is on
  2. Subscription with no ad feature

Businesses are using either of this, or both, or one after the other- in the case of Business Insider. This has become a sensitive issue for web users. The internet is free, to a certain extent and most information is available readily. If a news site blocks users and allows you to use it only when you have a subscription, then it beats the purpose of the internet. But then, you do pay for paper subscriptions don’t you, so what’s different with the online version?

Everyone loves free stuff and when it gets taken away, tantrums will be thrown. Websites will see a dramatic decrease in visitors, readers will boycott said sites and the drama will continue. There is not easy way to get out of this, and it is one of the original issues created by the massive rise and popularity of the internet, we the later users are paying the price for it.

The solution isn’t simple and we for sure don’t see one in the near future. There are a few you can do, as a business to make sure the ad block apocalypse doesn’t wipe out your online presence.

Why do people use ad block?

It’s because of annoying, irrelevant ads they are not interested in- the online version of spam. Users have every right to use it, but does it mean they should use it everywhere? Some may disagree. There is no right and wrong here. The feeling of security while using ad block has become second nature to users and losing it now will not be without struggle. As an online business, you need to be fully aware of this situation as you are part of this issue. People who use ad blockers are increasing at a dramatic rate. Mobile hasn’t still received a standalone ad blocking feature, but there are browsers which block them, but you need to use these specific browsers to get the benefits of the software.

To make sure you survive this phase, here are a few things you should be doing to ensure ad blocking visitors willfully turn it off so that they can read what you have for them.

Reputation- This is a prerequisite for having a good flow of regular readers. Building a reputation is a massive task, and on the internet, being unique and original is as good as finding Narnia. It takes several tasks and the worst part is it can be destroyed in a day. If you have a good reputation, readers will want to read your content.

Good material- Whatever may it be, the content needs to be good. If a reader knows that you provide good content, the chances of a un-block are high. You need to make sure you stay relevant and the readers will come.

Subscriptions models aren’t all bad- If your business needs you to have a subscription option; we recommend you go ahead with it. People can decide what they want and you will then get readers who are genuinely interested in your website- a plus point when doing email marketing to them.

We don’t suggest both- Not allowing readers access without unblocking and asking for a subscription along with it seems to be a bit too much as it takes away the choice that readers should be able to make.

Up your digital marketing footprint- Leverage other means of leading visitors to your site. Social media for one is currently the best way to attract high quality visitors to your pages.

Email marketing lives on- Email has and will be the top interaction tool used, to whatever end that is you foresee. Carefully crafted content, sent to the best of your readers will keep people coming back and that is a sure way to build loyalty.

Ad blocking is not going anywhere, so the least you can do is pump up your digital game, so that readers want to read what you have to offer them. Strong arm tactics never work in the long run.

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