How to use email appending while searching for job candidates

Email appending is an essential element for any company that does email marketing. You will invariably use email appending at some point of time in your marketing campaign. This is due to the fluid and dynamic nature of the business itself. People relocate, start and stop businesses, change email addresses and so on. These may or may not make it into your database, but you do want to get in touch with them. Email appending can save you serious marketing dollars as the need to get new datasets decreases, the validity of your current database increases and you get verified email addresses. The virtues of email appending are many. In the job market, HR professionals can use it effectively.

How job search and email appending work together

Email appending, basically is adding email addresses to your database if its missing and you have only their name, or contact number or postal address. This can be done effectively, if you have a master database to match and seek. Most email marketing database providers have massive databases that can be used to find missing email addresses or updated ones. Email appending is considerably cheaper than other alternatives such as updating and purchasing/leasing new data. Since businesses change addresses all the time, it becomes difficult to keep your marketing campaigns steady with linear or upward results.

Bad email addresses cost the marketing sector billions of dollars per year. This is because delivery takes a hit, replacements need to be found and most times, by the time you apply corrective measures, the damage is already done. So, to be on the safer side, you need to run email appending jobs rather frequently. Most email marketers commit the error of waiting a little too long. The sooner the better are your chances of creating a mess. Almost every database service provider of repute has a good email appending program, and since the market is extremely competitive, the rates are the best you can get.

Job search market is one of the largest users of email appending services. There is a simple reason for this. Most times, people who are looking for jobs; quit and then look out for a new opportunity. More than 65% of currently employed personnel does this.  The reasons can be multiple. Most look for breaks or frankly, they may be waiting for a good offer. Either way, this leads us to the fact that their current official email address will no longer be valid and in use. So, naturally, all your emails will start bouncing, causing multiple issues.

  1. You cannot contact your candidate
  2. Your email delivery takes a hit
  3. You may get spam-trapped
  4. You may get blacklisted

These are all serious issues that can snowball extremely fast. So, to take care of such an issue, you need to be prepared beforehand. If you are working in the recruitment business, email appending should be a part of the process. You will see better returns almost instantly.

How to go about using email appending

Most businesses use email appending when they reach a certain limit of bounces. For recruitment companies, you really cannot wait to hit a limit. Most often than not, the reason for your bounces will be the above stated one. So, to make sure you get the right contacts, you need to have a good email appending program ready to go.

Most times, candidates searching for jobs will have their personal details such as contact address and phone number listed on these portals. You need only that to get their email address.

You can also run phone append, which is similar to email append, just that you use the email address to get contact phone numbers. This is also used widely in the recruitment industry. Either way; email and phone appending is an essential part of the business process for any recruitment company.

With the recruitment market highly competitive, it is necessary that you do not lose contact with your prospects. The faster you can contact them, the higher are the chances of converting them. It’s a matter of how well you can direct them to their prospective job, for which, you need to stay with them, all the time.

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