Quality List Building and Generating Qualified Leads- 6 Tricks for Enhanced Performance

Why do you need email marketing? This is a significant question. With the steady increase in digital marketing tools and Quality List building for lead generation, email may seem like it is losing ground. It may seem, but it surely isn’t. In fact, it is growing at a steady pace. Recent research suggests that it is the number one thing to do with a smart phone, which is not surprising as the number of mobile email opens has exceeded desktops. Email marketing is capable of evolving and this is the core strength that it utilizes to move ahead. Email marketers only need to grow with the needs of the market, they will find success.


Your list is one of the crucial elements while running email marketing campaigns. It isn’t easy to get a good list, let alone, create one from scratch. It takes time, resources and a good understanding of how the system works. Data decays at a steady rate, close to 2% every month. That is a collective 25-30% per year. This effects email marketing metrics. So, having a good list to begin with is beneficial all around.

High-Quality list building

Running a successful email campaign is not an easy task, everyone knows that. From the technical aspects of IP stability to spam control to the content and the desired results, there are tremendous amounts of variables. All we can do is be prepared, do your best research, understand and analysis this research and use it accordingly. Wanting to get fabulous results is not going to get you anywhere. It takes time and effort. For this reason, building solid foundations are important, and one of the most important foundations is your list.

A high-quality list has the following properties.

  1. Contains all required fields such as email addresses, names and phone numbers ( anything else that is necessary for your campaign)
  2. It should be accurate
  3. All records should be up to date, with relevant details in real time
  4. It should be opted in ideally
  5. Low spam traps and no hard bounce emails

These 5 points give you a decent picture of how much effort needs to go into building your list and where your energies should be focused on.

One important thing to notice here is that list growth is not always positive or gradual. The reason being that lists actually shrink at around 30% per year, so ideally your growth should be more than that, which is extremely rare, and it happens if you have a super awesome product or service that is blowing up the internet currently ( as rare as a unicorn today).

So, to make things happen, you do not need to be maniacal about list growth. It can happen, but maintaining your current list should be your top priority. Here are good ways to grow and maintain your email marketing lists.

1) Clearly defined values

Define the importance of all key aspects of your data record. Why you need it and what significance it has towards your overall marketing goal. Are you looking for business addresses or generic addresses, location or global, specific industry or cross vertical and many more such aspects allow you and your data collectors to have a clear picture of what is needed and what isn’t. This helps in building a stable list, decreases cleansing and appending costs and improves delivery.

2) Improve website sign in

Websites are excellent collection points for data. You have to streamline the process. Should you be leading everyone to a particular landing page, or is it campaign specific, where does your PPC prospect go to, organic reach destination, and how well optimized your landing pages are. These are crucial aspects because those who do visit your sites are generally interested in learning more. Your value proposition should always be visible in the most likely places of visitor sign up.

3) Permission-based marketing

This is the gold standard in email marketing. You have done your best and the result is getting permission. Opted in marketing improves almost every campaign metric. You increase your chances of a reply, submission, quote request, and decrease spam, bounces and low delivery. It’s a win situation for both the prospect as well as you as a marketer. Your IP reputation goes up too, who doesn’t want that!

4) Benefit driven marketing

Everyone needs a reason to do something. Give them that reason and you will see that you are gaining traction. It improves list stability because it has higher amounts of people who are interested, hence reducing unsubscribe requests. As previously mentioned, your value proposition should be prominently noticeable at all times you ask for contact details. It has been the crux of email marketing for years now. Giving readers a reason to work with you is top priority. This increases sign-ups which are genuine. Your list will be populated with data that is valid, hence reducing your unsubscribe and bounce rate.

5) Minimum is the new maximum

People don’t have time, or so it seems. It is not the lack of time, but the lack of interest. You need to be specific to get attention. Superior content and easier processes for sign up are the way to go. Form pages are the most used for collecting information. Don’t go around asking for the family tree of the prospect. Be specific and ask only for what you need. If you do need sensitive information, make it clear why you need it.

6)  Third party data

It is generally advised to stay away from it. Our take is that, if you are convinced about the authenticity and reputability of the third party, you can use them, but do not go all in. it should always be the second choice. Smaller campaigns can use third party data, reducing the damage if it doesn’t return good results.

Having a high-quality list can solve a whole lot of email marketing issues. It takes time, and investing this time is the only way to get results. You need to be clinically precise when carrying out email marketing campaigns, if you want to see any success at all.

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