We are excited to be at &THEN 2016! Here’s What We Are Looking Forward to

Ampliz AT & Then The  DMA Annual event 2016, LOS ANGELES, CA

KOBE BRYANT is gonna be there! Well, if a 5 time NBA champion is not incentive enough for you to come to Los Angeles CA on October 16-18, then yes, we have plenty more reasons for you to be there.

  • Its organized by DMA, the largest of its kind, in the world
  • The who’s who in business are gonna speak there- BETH COMSTOCK, Vice Chair, GE, JAMIE GUTFREUND, Global CMO, Wunderman, SIMON SINEK, Bestselling author and did we mention Kobe Bryant yet?
  • ECHO awards

That’s a whole lot happening in 2 days frankly and we are saving up on energy to go all in this year. &THEN has been a favored destination for Ampliz and we have created significant connections here, be it business or just plain networking. The atmosphere the organizers have created allows for meaningful conversations along with friendly banter- the perfect mix. LA loves to party and &THEN DMA Event brings the party to you! With a lineup of singers and bands, there is never a dull moment.

We will be at booth #114, waiting for you to walk in and give us a look. Meet our team, ask them about how Ampliz will help your business, we know they will give you what you need!

( Featured image credit – www.datamentors.com/events/2016-then-dma-annual-conference)

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