Email addresses are not just for email marketing – 2 other ways you can use it

Email addresses have become our digital identities today. We would be really surprised if you come across a person who doesn’t have an email address, active or not, is another scenario. By 2019, there will be over 2.9 billion email addresses across the world followed by 2 ways to use email effectively. Billions of emails will be sent across between them. The engagement metrics are astounding when it comes to email marketing. Email has become vital to run our daily activities. Be it buying some food from the supermarket, to replacing your car tires, everyone asks for your email address. The value that an email address has is only getting compounded as people open up their digital lives to brands and advertisers.

I believe the Android mobile application boom is one of the key reasons for the rise of the email address. It is unavoidable to have an email address if you need to set up the Play Store from Google. This by itself has helped in pushing the email address repository to dizzyingly high numbers. An opportunity is also created when you download an app. It asks for permission nonetheless to use your email address but you do say yes more than no. the trick that gets them to make you say yes is that if you turn down their email access request, you will not get transactional emails regarding purchases or other such activities. Smart right?

Email addresses are just the beginning

Email marketing is indeed highly effective. If done well, you really don’t need much else to support your marketing and sales needs. But then, how will you grow as an organization if you don’t invest in other avenues? Email addresses are linked to a lot of other processes. Understanding how and where they are will allow you to use this data. Enabling you to make smart marketing decisions is what data is supposed to do, and if you know where to get it from, half your job is done.

Predicting the future- Email is your crystal ball

Mobile data is a crucial element if you are interested in creating processes by learning from data. Customer app usage, geo location tracking data and purchase tracking are some of the many different data sets that you can use to predict what they will do in the future. Email addresses are used extensively to make purchases. For example, if a woman is using an app to look for pregnancy-related queries, such as labor room costs and other such, then baby products and allied services are a good fit for ads to be targeting her. Even though the general population as a whole isn’t yet ready for a full blown tracking based ad serving age, it is happening and it seems to be working out too.

Cross-channel marketing is an important part of marketing exercises today. Contacting and trying to engage a customer via a single channel is not going to be as successful as a multi-channel marketing approach. People use various options during the course of a day to access the internet and conduct activities. For example, desk tops are used primarily for work, sending professional emails (that has changed too) and browsing. Mobiles are used for shopping, contacting friends and other such activities. Internet enabled retailers with physical stores are the cross line between the real world and the digital. Bridging this gap will allow you to collect data that can help you take amazing decisions.

Multi channel focus for the new age buyer

Multi Channel Marketing

Email may or may not be the best platform to connect with millennials. What we are trying to say is, sometimes, data-driven marketing can help the cause immensely. Collecting email addresses allows you to aggregate data that can then be used to create customer profiles. These profiles will guide you in creating targeted content that can be placed at the right place for your prospects to see. Data appending services can help you get phone numbers, social media accounts, website traffic and more so that you can make an informed decision. A multi-channel experience is what the customer needs; it may not be the thing they are looking for. Digital marketing can break down barriers via usage of appropriate data.  Geo-targeted marketing can be helpful for small businesses as well as large players.

Email marketing can be incredibly successful if you do it really well and understand how it needs to be done. but, putting all your eggs in one basket may be a bad idea, since today, you have ample data to help you make decisions regarding cross-channel marketing, targeting ads and other such marketing models. Emails can help you a lot in cracking this code.

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