Email Marketing: How important is content to the mix

Content has come a long way on the internet. It is surely one of the pillars of digital marketing, but how important is it to the entire operation? A decade ago- not so much, Today- Oh yes it is. The behemoth that is Google has made it imperative to use good content if you want to rank high in SERP. This has paved the way for good, engaging and unique content. Years back, content farms where popular on the internet. Plagiarism was rampant and credit was difficult to give to genuine content creators.

Post search engine updates, content has taken up a major role in digital marketing. For email marketers, content was always an important part of the mix, it’s just that today, you need a whole new level of content excellence to get customers to respond and follow you. With the changing face of the digital customer, it is important to place content as the corner stone of your processes, allow it to be a defining element while taking decisions regarding what goes into emails and so on.

Content and email- it’s a mutually exclusive relationship

There is a whole lot of bad email marketing around us. Spam is still an issue and ISPs are stricter than ever with guidelines and rules of deliverability. There is always the chance of your email campaigns getting lost in the deluge of lack luster campaigns. Most triggers that are set off by ISPs are closely related to the type of content. This shows how important it is.

Readers have become the most vital element to the mix now. You need to be able to communicate with your prospects, not just show up and display your product. The days of televised ads and newspaper campaigns that imprint the product in your mind, so when you are making a purchase decision, you subconsciously go for it, are over. People are comparing, talking and watching what you are doing. You need to convince them, or else, someone else will.

The 40/40/20 rule

This seems to be the perfect way for us to describe the importance of content in email marketing. 40% represents the customer, another 40% represents the content and the 20% represents the design of the email. Content plays a crucial role as we see and if one does not work, it affects the others adversely.

Sending to the right person is as important as sending the right stuff. This is why segmentation and appropriate lists are important to deliverability. If you don’t work on drilling down your target audience, even the most powerful content will not matter.


This research chart further solidifies the strength and influence of content. Personalization is also an important aspect of email marketing and you can do it well, only if you use smart content to complement it.

Companies are aggressively pushing for and funding in-house content creation teams. It is understood that an in-house team will be able to perform better due to the following points.

  1. They can see and learn the various results of campaigns in real time.
  2. They can connect with the sales team and see how customers are responding to the content.
  3. In-house teams know where the priorities of the management are and can align themselves easily.

 If budgets are an issue, we will never say free lancers and other options are not viable, because they are. It depends on how you handle the process. Creating personalized content is also important.

Personalized content is not possible if you do not have the right data to back it up. You get to understand your prospect only if you have a certain amount of data about them with you. Learn to use this data wisely. It isn’t sufficient to have data; you need to extract meaningful information from it. Then, you can use content to maximize its effectiveness.

Content plays a superior role when testing your campaigns. Split testing requires you to have 2 sets of content pieces; each of them will be pitted against each other. Customer receptiveness to a certain type of content can be gauged easily if you do testing. It makes it easier for you to go ahead with a certain amount of confidence when deploying campaigns.

How to get fuel for your content creation

  1. Read up about your prospect/organization
  2. Conduct surveys
  3. Ask questions on social media
  4. Find out the most FAQs from your customer support team
  5. See what type of content has worked in the past and try to emulate it.


Subject lines matter immensely to the entire operation. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t. The length and the copy are essential in not just getting a click, but to avert spam issues.

Content is important to the full cycle of email marketing. It is crucial not just so that your emails are read, but so that they can be read! So, invest in good content, it does make a lot of difference to your campaign metrics.

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