Learn from those who have done it- 10 digital marketing masters to follow on Twitter

Digital marketing has become a necessary tool in the marketing age. It requires us to be alert, aggressive and smart. Today, the prospect is online, much more than they are offline. You can only get through to them so much with billboards and televised messages. Digital marketing allows you to converse with the prospect in a singular fashion. You can communicate directly and control the outcome in an easier manner. The chances of misses are a lot lesser than hits. Digital marketing has progressed heavily over the years. It has matured, consolidated and has been able to give marketers results on a consistent basis.

For this to happen, there are leader of the industry who lead the flow. These captains are present in every industry, the ones who have been there, done that and are creating the templates for further expansion. They create trends, guide the industry and with their actions, they shape the future of the industry. It is extremely important that we find our heroes, and emulate their success. It is common for us to be at a loss for information sometimes, when things get tricky in the digital sphere. These masters have the answers, and that is because they themselves have faced these issues time and again and have found innovative solutions to them. These solutions have worked for them and they can work for you too.

The heroes of Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms and it is used endlessly by digital marketers to their benefit. Twitter has the ability to get through to its audience in a manner that no other social media platform can. With the shortness of the word limit, to the exceptionally short shelf life of tweets, Twitter is not easy to master.

There are several digital marketing gurus who have an avid and strong following on Twitter. They have amassed this following by diligently disseminating vital information at the right time. Their knowledge is available for everyone to read and learn from. There are no restrictions which make it faster, and a lot more effective.

Here are list of 10 super heroes you can follow on Twitter to increase your digital marketing knowledge base.     

Danny Sullivan

danny-suvillianDanny Sullivan is the Chief Content Officer (a completely unheard of title just a decade ago) at Third Door Media, and co-founder of Search Engine Land, an industry leading publication that covers news and information about search engines, and search marketing, SEO and SEM topics. Search Engine Land is the boss when it comes to SEO news today, and Danny Sullivan is the reason it is so.

Followers: 478,549

He has a massive following on Twitter, which goes to show his popularity. He is a talented speaker and advices firms about digital marketing and gives exceptionally practical talks on the future of digital marketing and what digital marketers can do to stay ahead in the game. He is closely followed by the media and digital marketing aficionados because he is the one breaking Search engine news and updates, a long time before anyone else does.

Dharmesh Shah

dharmeshDharmesh Shah is a story of beating the odds, going against industry trends and setting his own benchmarks. The founder of Hubspot, the disruptive inbound marketing firm, he has seen success by doing what others dared not to. He understood the need to turn the approach towards customers upside down or face imminent failure.

Followers: 254,000 

He is popular among the Twitterati and engages with his followers on a regular basis. He is known to question the status quo and understand digital marketing a lot better than most think they do. His methods have seen crazy success and he divulges his secrets openly on Twitter!

Gary Vaynerchuk

garyAccording to Wikipedia, Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality, but they failed to mention that he is a powerhouse too! Gary has seen success in digital marketing that is the stuff of legendary movies. Gary is an active public speaker and is known for his tacit abilities to spot a good investment opportunity, long before it becomes successful.

Followers: 1.28 Million

He has over a million and more followers, which is a testament to his abilities and success. Coming from humble backgrounds, he has been able to dominate the digital marketing landscape in a way, storybook heroes are known to do.

Jeff Bullas

jeff-bullasAn internet marketing heavyweight, Jeff Bullas is the founder of Jeff Bullas.com, a go-to site for anyone who calls themselves internet marketing experts. He has had more #1 titles on the internet than anyone on this list, and this is something, only he can do. An avid blogger who hits the nail on the head, every time he ventures out to write; he has been instrumental in shaping the content marketing landscape.

Followers: 469,000

As a washed up business man, he was looking to make ends meet when he chanced upon the newest sensation of his time- the internet. He plunged himself into it and the rest is history.

Joe Pulizzi

joePullizzi is the man responsible for CEOs around the world to take content marketing seriously. Founder of Content Marketing Institute, he has been instrumental in bringing content into the mainstream, long before Google made is essential to the marketing mix. Along with the inbound marketing plan, content marketing is extremely important today and Joe has been shaping its future, all along.

Followers: 102,000

He runs ContentMarketingWorld, a one of its kind event, conference and get together of the movers and shakers of the digital industry. A powerful speaker, he has been guiding the progress of content marketing in the digital marketing world, effectively.

Ann Handley

annA rock star content marketing genius, Ann Handley is a fantastic mascot for the content marketing brigade. She is co-founder of MarketingProfs, one of the largest content marketing resources libraries on the internet. A gifted writer, Ann is the author of the tool book for content marketing- Everybody Writes, a WSJ best seller.

Followers: 348,000

She interacts with her Twitter audiences regularly which makes her all the more likeable. She is pivotal in the content marketing machinery and dictates the trends of the industry.

Rand Fishkin

randRand calls himself the Wizard of Moz, is CEO of MOZ, a powerful and successful SAAS company. He is also an author who has co-authored authoritative works on SEO, which are considered no less than bibles for SEO.

Followers: 321,000

He has a highly engaging Twitter audience. About 2/3rd of his followers retweet him! His words set the pace for SEO in digital marketing.  He uses humor in his tweets which makes it a lot easier to follow.

Ekaterina Walter

ekaterina-walterShe is a social media extraordinaire, international speaker, bestselling author and digital marketing superstar. She has had strategic marketing positions in global behemoths such as Intel and Accenture, and her writing is featured regularly on major portals and publications. She was 2013’s Marketer of the Year.

Followers: 169,000

She is a popular speaker giving amazing TED talks the world over. She is currently associated with Sprinklr, a popular social media enterprise solution with major global brands as clients.

These Twitter heroes can be essential to your digital marketing knowledge base. Follow them soon and learn how they have become successful and you too can follow in their footsteps.

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