11 Easy Tips to Create High Conversion Calls to Action for Your Emails

Every email that you send out is unique. This uniqueness is what defines your brand. Why should the call to action be the same? Email marketing allows us to be different, free and gives us a wide scope. This opportunity needs to be utilized well. Content plays a significant part of the entire process. After you have figured out the technical aspects of delivering your email to prospect inboxes, it is up to your content to convert. This content is the gateway to what you want your prospects to do. It can be clicking on a link to use a coupon, downloading a whitepaper, visiting your services page, or just a gentle reminder to renew their subscriptions, whatever may be the end cause, your call to action is pivotal in motivating them.

With great content comes great expectations

Judging by the amount of spam and unsolicited emails that are sent today, it is crucial to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. If you are beginner, your brand name isn’t going to help much. Creating an impression rests solely on the power of or the lack of good content. Great content connects. It makes the reader take the next step. With an attention span of 8 seconds, the digital reader does not have time for your tomfoolery. He wants what he wants and if you don’t give it to them, then it’s adios amigo.

Every email needs one thing. A CTA. It is a prime example of how a piece of text can convert. Without a CTA, and we are not saying a good CTA, you leave your prospects wondering- What exactly am I supposed to do here?

As we said earlier, every email is unique, so there isn’t really a standard format that you can use to create CTAs.


Before getting into the technical aspects of a good CTA, let us understand why you need a good CTA in the first place.

  1. Why do you send your prospects an email? So that they do something. That action is catalysed by the CTA
  2. A good CTA enhances the look and feel of the email.
  3. It aids in higher click through as many don’t intend to read the full email
  4. It is crucial to conversion goals. It is the number one parameter

So now that we understand just how crucial a CTA is to the entire email marketing process, we shall go ahead and see how you can create and execute amazing CTAs that will make your prospects say- YES PLEASE!

Wording style

Keep it simple

The shorter the better. Short and direct CTAs have been around for a long time. In fact, the print advertising industry popularised the short version. BUY IT NOW, SIGN UP, these common CTAs have all been borrowed from the presses. They still work. Nonetheless, playing around with words can make a lot of difference. Usually, larger companies have brand guidelines that include the different types of CTAs that can be used, with a mix of words too.

Don’t be afraid to use numbers. Numbers strike a chord among readers. If you have a value proposition for an offer, state it clearly in your CTA. The percentage on offer, the savings in numbers and so on.

Use an action verb

BUY, DOWNLOAD, ORDER, SIGN UP, these are frequently used strong command words. They have a psychological angle to them and hence they are used all the time. Pair them up in a sentence not more than 30 characters, and you have yourself a strong CTA.

Emotions beat mundane-always

Get emotional! Tell them what they are getting and give them the emotion to connect this with. If it’s a discount, then that should be emoted, not just stated. An emotional CTA that connects has a better chance of getting a click than a mundane and straight forward one. The best CTAs are the ones that make the reader think. Some examples that stand out are those sent by weight loss and travel companies. They play on your emotions in the best possible way.


A good CTA gets awesome when paired with a strong headline. These 2 can create magic when done the right way.

Use urgency

A good CTA creates urgency in the mind of the reader. It should captivate attention and make the reader take action immediately. It should give them the feeling that they are losing out if they do not do as directed. For example- Download the e-book is not as urgent as Download the e-book today.

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is something that marketers have mastered. It was all the rage when discount offers where popular and they have been used well in digital contexts today.

People generally tend to get excited when there are timelines involved.


Appealing design coupled with awesome text

Designing a good CTA is as important as the words that go into it. A well designed CTA grabs attention first, whatever may be the content around it. Ensure that you use the right colours, colours that are part of your brand design guideline. Keep it simple, not too flashy and use the proper colour gradients.  It is the main attraction of your email and it needs to be given the due attention it deserves.

It is advisable to design the CTA in both text and HTML format. This is because of technical dependencies. It increases the chances of visibilty.

Pro tip- Design your email and CTA and write the copy around it.

Above the Fold

People rarely scroll down a mail. Keep your CTA above the fold. It has higher chances of engagement there.

If you really want to ensure that your CTA gets the attention, place it at multiple locations. Do not over do it. A maximum of 2 times in a single mailer will do.

Now the above mentioned research does say that the CTA gets the highest click through rate when placed at the bottom. That does not mean it is below the fold. It just means that it is at the conclusion of the all the text, the eventual step that all the content leads to, this is where it has the highest chance of getting clicked.


Device specific design

If your emails have been opened more on mobiles, it is important to test your CTA on mobiles. See if it is opening in the right manner, vertical or horizontal. It makes a lot of difference to your click through rates. A badly rendering CTA on a mobile gets dumped quicker than on a desktop. Google considers desktop and tablet the same. Know these intricacies while designing.

Testing gives you results

Testing your CTAs gives you the better of the lot. This enables you to understand how your prospect list reacts to two versions of the same CTA. This can be a valuable addition to your email and you will surely see good numbers. A/B testing has been the number on type of testing that gives email marketers a feel of the market and allows them to nail their numbers effectively.

Industry specific CTAs

Every type of industry has its own set of trigger words and connectors. These need to be researched and used well. What you would use on an e-commerce site might not go well with a B2B service provider. Know the difference. The reason is simple. It may be the same person reading both your mails, but their frame of mind is different for different products. This is essential to the success of your campaigns.

 Try risky- at your own risk

Marketing is all about breaking boundaries. As long as you don’t shatter them and cut yourself, it is fine. Using risky words that connect with your audience can be done, but it has to be done with utmost attention. You may end up hurting sensibilities such as religious and political beliefs and other such things. It is better not to court controversy. Make sure that such acts need to be done with thorough understanding of your market, your brand and likeliness of it backfiring.

Now, whatever it is you do, ensure that your reader takes the action intended. Try to be different, not weird. Make sure that you follow through with the promise. Every CTA should be easy to click; it should click and should lead your reader right where you said it would.

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