4 Effective Ways to Get Your Prospects to Read Your Emails

We understand the importance of seeking permission while marketing today. It has indeed become increasingly difficult to get it but it also means you have a higher chance of conversion now. Email marketing has always been about permission based marketing. Now, moving things further; that’s a new ball game altogether. Getting permission to send emails is a victory in itself. Getting your subscribers to read your emails is what matters eventually. Having thousands of subscribers and low readership  is not a good situation to be in. people try so hard to gain new subscribers, but getting them to take action is on another level of difficulty. The effort you have put into gaining viewership will be a waste if you aren’t able to hold their attention and get them to read.

Understanding what your subscribers need, using smart content and gauging the timing of your email campaigns are the broader ways to make sure that you get a decent bump in your email read metric. Now, there is a science behind this. We will dwell further in detail with 4 finely defined points that are your best shot at getting your subscribers to open AND read your emails. The chances of getting a response or a click on a form page are higher when they read your email. So, your priority should be to get the reading and they will subsequently act on it.

1) Play the number game wisely

People are intrigued by numbers. Be it in the subject line, body or X% off, numbers are effective in capturing attention. You need to know how to use them smartly. Going too far with numbers can make you sound pompous, fake and you lose trust. Trust building is crucial to gain confidence. There are various ways and places to use numbers. Here are some.

  • Subject lines- Using numbers in subject lines increases the chances of an open. Try to use the numerical way of writing as opposed to words such as 22 instead of twenty two. They have shown to increase opens far more than just words. Don’t overdo the numbers, not just because it’s annoying but – SPAM ALERT
  • Use statistics and data that are relatable- It makes you sound credible, it shows you have put in effort ( which you obviously should) and it also gets people interested in knowing more. Do not bluff when it comes to numbers. Quote sources whenever you should.
  • The number 3- This is a magic number that has the most effective reach when it comes to piquing interest in readers. Two is too less, 4 is a little too much. 3 is perfect. 3 choices give us enough options without leading to confusion. Try to keep you emails within 3 paragraphs, the opening, matter and conclusion. 3 pointers are always effective in keeping the reader interested in knowing more.


2) Get to the point

Your emphasis should be on the matter at hand. Getting to the point is not easy. It takes a certain amount of content knowledge to know where to introduce the subject and how to go about with it. There is a thin line between being vague and being too pushy. If you are asking for appointments, be specific about timings and give them a calendar that they can fill out. Ending your emails with ‘ Let me know what works for you’ and such open ended questions may not give you desired results. They do not create the urgency to act. Go ahead and ask, ‘ Do you want to buy’, ‘ Please reply with a Yes or No’ and so on. Try to get a decisive action. It’s better to get a no than nothing at all. A no means that person can be sent a survey as to why they say no or they can be removed from your list.

3) Use social proof

You see this being done on social media a lot these days. Brands are being promoted as ‘ Friend X and Y have liked Us’ on Facebook and also on Twitter. This is because we tend to like things that our friends and peers like. This is the genesis of peer pressure and it works very well in groups. People are receptive to brands that their peers have interacted with. Use this while using email marketing. If you do have a recommendation from a colleague of the person you are prospecting, use it in your email. Rest assured you will have their attention.

It is easier to get a recommendation when you make it easier for your clients to do it. Insert a recommend to friend tab in your emails. It should be automated and should be extremely easy to use. People are reluctant to give recommendations, so when they do, make it easy for them to do so.

4) Big isn’t always good

Using sophisticated language, knotty long drawn lines and epic plot lines in emails are never going to get you any responses. Be simple, short and quick. The average attention span of the digital user today is 6 seconds, and maybe they spend a little more time on the emails( it explains the higher response rate) so getting to the point and keeping it simple is extremely important. If I want a complex story line, I’ll buy a book. Don’t sell me dreams, give me what I need and I shall reciprocate.

Make it easy for them to see and read the text. Your central focus should be your call to action, with mildly strong colors, and easy to click and move. Form pages should be short and easy to fill. If you do want to send across more information, you can always link from the email to a web page. Give them a gist of what they are looking forward to.

Bonus points

Use humor, smartly

Feel free to see the lighter side of things. It doesn’t hurt to be a funny man, but, remember, it’s not always necessary that everyone sees your jokes as funny. Go with gentle comedy that isn’t using any social cues such as religion, gender and politics. It can never go well when any of these are used.

 Response time

Responses should be quick and to the point. If you do get a request from emails, ensure that your sales team is on top of it immediately. Leads are lost mostly because responses take up days. The ideal time should be within 24 hours and not more. This increases your chances of a warmer interaction.

Use their names judiciously

Use the prospects name more than once; don’t overdo it. It increases personalization and gives the overall email a warm feeling, like getting a text message from a friend. Again, there is a thin line between being warm and friendly and sounding like a creep.

Having all the pieces to fit together is not an easy task. It takes years of practice and dedication for any brand to ace email marketing, as they say ” Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Consistency, proper usage of the data available and automation are important facets of good email marketing. Hitting the sweet spot requires enthusiasm and persistence. Knowing what you’re doing and who you are talking to makes it easier too.

Use these methods in your email marketing and see how you’re read metric increases over time. Expecting massive positive changes is nearly impossible, but slowly and steadily, you will see a change.

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