Direct Mail Strategies That Make Your Marketing The Talk Of The Town

As far as traditional marketing techniques go, direct mail is the grand daddy. It has gotten a bad reputation because as with any option that works, it is abused by the unscrupulous. That really doesn’t mean it is bad in anyway. Direct mail startegies can be used to increase brand awareness, customer connect and improve lead generation. It has to be done well and systematically.

As with digital marketing, there is a method to the process. It needs to be innovative, non intrusive and executed with finesse. Direct mail is right up there with email marketing in terms of ROI. In fact, it can beat the rest easily when done the right way! If direct marketing is taken seriously, it can be used in ways that no other tool can be. This is the truth and a systematic and analytical approach to direct mailing can give you handsome returns.

Why direct mail is so good

Firstly, statistics say that direct mail is read more than an email. So as far as user engagement goes, direct mail is the boss. Secondly, you cannot go wrong with direct mail. If you have good data and use ample research to crack the code, direct mail can be far more effective. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your direct mail marketing program. Is it user engagement? Branding? Visitors to your store or website?

These questions should be the foundation for building a good and strong direct marketing campaign. Sending letters via post just because it is what direct marketing is does not mean anything, as a matter of fact, that can backfire tremendously!

  1. Direct mail is considerably inexpensive compared to its counterparts
  2. It can be personalized to a higher extent
  3. Targeting can be taken to the next level
  4. It works well when combined with digital tools such as websites
  5. It creates a connection that is real and unfiltered
  6. It doesn’t have to compete with over 200 other emails that liter your prospects inbox-everyday

 Steps to master direct mail

Considering that fact that some of the most popular marketers use direct marketing- even in this digitally saturated world, you should be doing the same. As with any marketing tool, it takes time, effort, planning and good execution to actually see any solid returns from direct marketing. So, for those looking to see their charts climb the moment the letters are in the mail, please step back and take a seat- it’s going to take a lot of time. If you cannot put in the time, it is not worth trying direct marketing.

Learn from your own mail box

That’s right. You have your lessons waiting for you in your own mail box. See what types of mail you get. Read them, this time with the intent of learning. Keep them as your template. See if any one of them has persuaded you to take action. Pick them up and see what they are doing right. Understand the frequency, the font, the offers, the content and figure out what makes them click. You also need to go through the ones that don’t make you interested. These are the mails that you should be interested in, to understand what NOT to do. Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what not do.

See what interests you and why the marketer has chosen to target you with his mailer. It allows us to see the amount of research they have put in, and also the lack of it. An untargeted campaign is just like a bulk blast through email. You may net certain prospects but your chances of hurting your brand are enormous.


Target the right audience

Playing classical music to a group of rock music lovers seems idiotic. You may have their attention for a couple of minutes because they both are types of music and any music is given the due respect of any audience. But, that’s about it; it doesn’t go any further than that. Maybe if you render a rock classic with classical instruments, you’ll get a couple of whistles and applause. That isn’t going to make them fans. Similarly, you need to have the right list before you start to even consider sending out direct mail.

This needs to be done by looking at the data you already have. For this, you need to have a clean database, segmented according to the audience you want to target. Your current customers are the most receptive to your mails. Everyone likes getting mails from the brands they purchase from. Use this emotional default connection to your advantage.

If it is prospecting you are planning to indulge in, you need to find prospects that resemble your current customers. Such prospects are likely to listen to you as their interests are the same or closely related to your current customer base. If you don’t have the required data in hand, you can always source it via various opportunities. Be careful with data purchase, it isn’t for everyone.

The product or service that you are offering should be the basis for creating the buyer persona. This involves digging into your database and isolating trends. These trends can be used to generate a buyer persona or personas. These should be your guiding principle while creating your list, content and CTA.

The content of it    

Now the importance of good content has escalated to new heights today. Be it digital or direct, good content is important and necessary. For SEO, PPC, inbound marketing, you name it, content is king. So as with these tools, direct marketing requires you to step up your content game. Research and analysis gives you data that can be converted into content that connects. Or else it becomes just another piece of mail that lies on the coffee table.

With your campaign goals in mind, create content that allows that to happen.

  1. If it is brand awareness you are looking for, give the reader information about your brand that can be helpful to them.
  2. User engagement can be maximized via using content that piques interest in them. It should be a problem solving angle and not a ‘ we are the best’ beat.
  3. Be short and get to the point immediately. Beating around the bush will get you lost in the forest.
  4. Use simple, chaste language that does not have a lot of influences. Connect with pain points. Action verbs are essential to the mix.
  5. Your CTA is the pivotal point of the entire content exercise. To maximize its potency, run test campaigns and see the results. Use the one that gives better results.
  6. Clear communication is vital to customers taking the next step. Don’t complicate things.

Personalization is essential to success. Everyone wants to believe that they are unique and special to brands. They may be part of a mailing list among thousands others, but that doesn’t mean they are similar. Use the information you can collect about they about their shopping habits, income, brands they like, family and geographical affinity. These help you in creating content that is designed to touch their emotional side, even though they may not know it yet! Birthday cards, anniversary greetings are a good start, though anniversary greetings can put off someone if they aren’t in the same relationship now. That’s a chance you need to take.

Direct marketing can elevate your marketing to new heights; it can cause serious damage to your brand too. Hence, it is paramount to understand that research, analysis and a systematic approach is vital to its success. Put in the hours to build a good direct marketing campaign, trust us, it works.

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