Here’s how you can make telemarketing and email work together

Best of both worlds- that’s what you get when you mash up digital marketing and old school telemarketing. In this world where digital is everything, telemarketing still holds its own, pretty strongly too. It is easy, fast and effective when done in a methodical manner. Getting telemarketing to work for you requires a serious amount of backend work, analytical abilities and consistency that would make an Olympic athlete proud.

Email marketing is the boss of the current generation. With an average ROI of $24 per email sent, it is incredibly rewarding, when done well.Email marketing has indeed progressed from the batch and blast phase to clinically timed emails that are hyper personalized. With offers that prospects cannot refuse, email marketing can bring in the big money every time you do it according to plan.

It’s a two-pronged approach- better than one


Now, with email marketing, it is important to note that it is in fact a standalone tool that may or may not work in tandem with other tools in your repository. That being said, it can be made to work to a large extent. Fine tuning your email marketing campaigns is a giant task by itself, and then making it work with telemarketing requires you to have the precision and patience of a neuro-surgeon. Imagine the rewards you’ll reap when both of them work in perfect harmony!

Email marketing has its own curves and road blocks. To the average marketing professional, email can be used to sustain and keep prospects interested in them for a certain period of time. Most marketing campaigns that use email marketing do not rely on it to close the deal. Those that do have understood the dark forces that work behind it!

This chart says all you need to really know about the power and satisfaction levels of email marketing. It has the highest rates for all the various degrees of satisfaction! Now, getting your email marketing campaign to give you results is a whole different ball game. We have discussed in previous posts as to how to nail email marketing effectively and use it consistently to improve lead numbers and qualified leads.

Telemarketing, as is the case with any marketing tool, requires you to keep a consistent flow and religious follow up. Telemarketing is generally frowned upon today because some have really messed it up for the rest of us. Subpar talent used to converse with prospects is the biggest issue. Underpaid/non paid interns are generally used to make these calls, and we know they don’t give a hoot about your brand; they just want your brand name on their resume.

Now to understand the priorities that make marketing managers use telemarketing will allow us to know the reasons to how we can make it successful.

For the B2B sector, it is hands down lead generation, no doubt about it. Appointment setting comes in a close second.  Both of these are essential aspects of the marketing cycle and telemarketing is used heavily here. Telemarketing can increase personalization and decrease sales cycles considerably, so can email marketing. B2B telemarketing has an average return of $18 per dollar spent, so it’s easy to see why both these tools can be used effectively to improve your marketing.

How to combine the powers


Creating trust is essential when dealing with large value deals. This is the essence of any B2B interaction. For this, email can be an effective assistant. Sometimes, tele calling can be construed as pushy and invasive. Email conversations are half way there. You can communicate with your prospects effectively, knowing that they are reading your mails and they can respond on their own time. You can shell out information effectively via and email which is difficult through a phone call sometimes. You can build this trust because the written word is final, it cannot be taken back, and the trust is built when you commit to something in writing. (Remember to back up your words-deliver as promised)

The tandem dance

After you finish your call, it is always good to send out a in-summation email. This allows your prospect to recollect what you spoke, keeping the key points in mind and allowing you to develop a relationship that works on information sharing. Every call you make should be followed up with an email. This works in multiple ways.

  1. Both the customer and you have a record of proceedings
  2. Its allows both of you to not waste time and leave right where you left off last time
  3. You can supply information about your website, resources, blogs that will help them understand your brand better

Both telemarketing and email marketing work well when there is ample data and research backing them up. When these two combine, the results will be glorious. Failure is never really an option since you are selling to your prospect- the exact thing that they need.

Marketing is not just about generating leads and converting. Repeat business is essential to keep the business running. For this, both the tools are just as effective. Getting the new lead to subscribe to your newsletter allows you to be part of their thought process. You can always knock on their door for an up sell, knowing that they remember you. This is the power that matters.

Combining telemarketing and email marketing can be exceptionally rewarding, when done well. Customers need attention, and both these tools have the power to enable them. Use them wisely and see how effective they can really be.

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