Top Tips to help you grow an awesome email list- From scratch

The bare necessity to run an email campaign-successful or not, is obviously an email list. This list is where you start your email campaign, in the hopes of netting prospects and eventually gain a sale. Now, email marketing has changed over the years. Any random email list will not do. It needs to be targeted, genuine, opted in and filled with the right information. These are in fact some of the most difficult parameters to fulfil and hence a successful email marketing brand deserves serious bragging rights in the hall of fame. It’s not easy to nail email marketing. You will surely understand this when you go about creating your own email list.

What should an email list have?

An email list needs to have certain aspects fulfilled for the sake of better delivery. Better delivery is only possible if you have a high quality list. Hence, creating a list from scratch gives you the benefit of doing it right, setting the standard and reducing errors that are common when you already have a list. It sorts out the issues that pop up all too often, which eventually slow down the momentum of your campaigns.

  1. An email list should contain genuine and verified email addresses, preferably work mails. Generic email addresses are not so good for business.
  2. It should be an opt-in list. This ensures you are safe on all counts. It improves delivery and trust.
  3. It should not have bad data, i.e. spam traps and old and depleted addresses.
  4. It should be segmented based on the industry, geography and various other parameters.

These pointers are crucial to the foundation of your list. Time is the biggest disadvantage of an email list. Do you know that your current email list decays at 22% per year? That is a tremendous amount of decay. Imagine the effect it has on your campaigns, your IP reputation and on your brand as a whole? All the points that we will be providing below can be used by you to create your new list and it can also be used to keep your current list in good shape. This is the beauty of email marketing- anything you do to better your list has an impact on many aspects.

Building your list from scratch

Any expert was an amateur once. This holds true for about anything in life, the same for email marketing. Every email marketer has had to start from scratch, with or without an email list to go with. This means that any business has the same level playing field to work on. Creating your email list from zero is a fantastic opportunity to build a superb database that is fast, accurate and generates responses.

Growing your list organically is the best way to ensure good results

Slow and steady wins the race, not always but most of the times. Patience is a virtue when it comes to email marketing. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to build a good email marketing database. It is not as simple as buying one from the database store and deploying it. If you are in any way interested in getting good returns from your campaigns and do want to see your brand build solid connections with its users, then you need to dedicate a decent amount of time and resources towards it.

How digital marketing avenues help

All aspects of digital marketing can be involved in growing your list. Wherever there is exposure to prospects, there is a possibility to net an email address. Websites, social media handles and some of the examples of digital marketing tools you can always use. We will describe them further in detail.

Here are well defined ways of building your list from scratch.

Growing an email list

Use subscription forms all across the website

You know well which pages of your website have the highest traffic. Use these pages and include easy filling subscription forms. Pop ups that are easy to use can be used. Or else, you can go with well designed ones that do not interrupt the flow of your web page.

This is a good example of a easy to see and use email subscription form. Note here that they haven’t used the term newsletter. Instead it is weekly business tips. People need something new to entice them. Newsletters are passé. Create content that is new and unique and you will get email address fast and pretty easily.

You can use IP tracking and every new visitor gets the sign up form. Repeat visitors who haven’t signed up can also get a pop up but make sure you do it only once per session. Overkill of pop ups can be disastrous to your website. It puts of people faster than a head ache and trust us, you will not get that visitor back soon.

Top places to add your opt in form, other than high traffic pages

  1. On your home page
  2. At the end of every blog post
  3. Site footer
  4. About us page
  5. Contact us page

 Tie up with a good ESP

Yes, this is a big part of your email marketing campaign. It cannot be taken as another thing to do. A little too much depends on your email service provider for you to neglect them. Choose wisely. Some ESPs are good with certain industries. Make sure you have done ample research on them. Reach out to their clients and ask for reviews. Check out all the technical aspects of their operation. Run trail campaigns that mirror the real ones you wish to send. See their reports and ensure that you are getting the best for the money you pay. They should be accommodating of the growth of your list and eventually your business. Check out their templates and see if they are compatible with all email clients.

Good ESPs charge well, and you get what you pay for. Don’t be stingy when it comes to your ESP. That also doesn’t mean a hefty price is good. They should have a good grasp of the email marketing habitat and should be able to help you in case of any emergencies, which will happen eventually- no doubt about it.

Incentivize for the ultimate prize

The ultimate prize here is the email address. Nothing in life is free, absolutely. So you need to give your readers a compelling reason to part away with their precious email address. Content is the best way to do it. A good piece of content sells itself. The Call To Action should be designed deliciously that its irresistible. Make it worthwhile for your subscribers. Put your best content piece out there. If the readers like it, they will come back for more. Give content through your email campaigns. It builds trust and helps you in building the lead generation pipe line effectively.

Subscribers you gain this way are the best of the lot. They like your brand for what it is, it is their decision to follow you for the work you do and they appreciate it by giving you access.

SEO gets you the turbo boost

If you are a new company, or just started you foray into a new target market, it is highly likely that your brand name isn’t recognized well. Building an email list from these situations isn’t an easy task. This is where SEO comes into the picture. Using PPC and ad campaigns along with building your organic reach via PPC allows you to gain visitors to your website where you subscription waits.

Team up with SEO experts to gain that initial traction. No other tool can do this better than SEO in today’s eco-system. SEO plays an important part in your email campaigns too. The design, content and landing pages can be refined with the input of a good SEO specialist.

Social media can help in a big way

People spend an average of 55 minutes of Facebook daily now. No other medium has this much attention. Leverage social media platforms. Find and aggressively pursue the platforms that are the right fit for your business. Add subscription forms of all social media handles. Actively promote posts that are specifically designed to get sign ups.

Offline works as well

If you are living, then you can collect email address yourself. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful brand catalysts. Go to networking events, meet peers, exchange email addresses, ask people to sign up, you can do it for them, live. Getting the word out helps in generating interest in your brand. People will want to check out your brand online.

Guest blogging- Digital piggy backing

Try to introduce your brand via guest blogging. This is easier said than done. It takes time to build up a guest blog. There are many opportunities though. Guest blogging on good quality sites gives you high quality back links, increases your visibility and improves the rate of subscribers. It doesn’t work all the time so don’t build your hopes up too high.

Creating an email list can take a lot of time. Actually the math says that to build a substantial list that is worth something to you, it takes over a decade! Now, that is no reason to panic. You can always rent or purchase a good list from a trusted email list provider. This is a tricky business and many have burned their fingers here. The best practice is to find a good provider and see how they service you. Do not go for big buys, it is risky and can back fire majorly. Start with small lists and then build up, if the results are positive.

Eventually, you will have a fantastic list if you use the pointers given. Grow you list, both organically and inorganically. It helps in building a credible business and gives you positive


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